PureAudit is the market-leading provider of audit resource solutions to clients ranging from blue chip multinationals to mid-sized organizations.

PureAudit is an executive search firm that is dedicated solely to the recruitment and placement of audit professionals - we only work in audit.

Our commitment to building long-term client and candidate partnerships and providing the highest levels of service, innovation, and professionalism has enabled us to achieve unparalleled success in the audit resource sector

Our  Executive search audit specialties include:

Internal  & External Audit positions

IS/IT audit positions

Sox 404 Audit positions

Financial  and IT security audit positions

SAP and Oracle Audit positions 

Compliance & Ethics audit positions

Forensic and Fraud audit positions

Corporate Governance and Risk audit positions

Gaap and IFRS audit positions

We realize that as a recruiting employer, you are a very busy person, and that recruitment is extremely time consuming. Our job is to release some of the time you currently spend recruiting. Let us take the strain.

We are a specialist executive search company for audit, fraud investigators, and risk management positions. We tend to operate at the upper end of these markets - identifying heads of audit and risk, chief internal auditors, audit managers, principal auditors, certified fraud examiners, senior compliance auditors. However, we will work for you on any audit or risk management vacancy.

We also locate related skills, such as audit committee chairs and members, and head hunt particular language or other skills.

Why use PureAudit? Here is why:

We are specialists.

We can be a far more cost-effective recruitment solution than in-house alternatives.

We maintain a growing and dynamic database of auditors and risk management professionals.

We can also headhunt suitable candidates on your behalf.

In addition to Executive Search, PureAudit serves its corporate clients for specific audit consultancy work such as:         

Full Outsourcing and Co-sourcing of Internal Audit activities, and setting up of new audit departments.

Special projects in SOX 404, SAP and ORACLE.

Quality Assessment Reviews of internal audit departments according to IIA 1312 standards.

Fraud investigation and check up for preventive and detective controls.

Setting -up and managing Ethic Lines. 

We would be delighted to send you a sample of CVs of available candidates.

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