We recruit across Europe and Internationally.

We seek to place professional candidates at all levels, within all industry sectors.

We endeavor to present the fullest possible information and background on all candidates to assist clients in their selection process.

Our goal is to build long term and transparent relationships with our clients and promote a strong working partnership.

PureAudit serves  the clients Executive Search needs through;

File Search

Also known as 'Contingency', this involves searching our international database for active candidates with a generic set of skills. Our database is replenished on a daily basis via our advertising strategy and referral scheme. It is a 'pay on delivery' recruitment solution and provides an immediate selection of candidate for the vacancy. PureAudit has vast experience in the Contingency method

Retained Executive Search

Also known as 'headhunting', this involves making direct approaches to targeted candidates with a precise set of skills. It is a proactive way of enticing candidates who may not be actively looking. It provides the client with high quality candidates and an expected completion date. PureAudit has many years of experience in the Retained Executive Search method.

Retained Advertised Selection

PureAudit has a distinct visual style and is one of the largest advertisers. This method is appropriate for attracting candidates from a wide pool of talent from a wide geographical region. PureAudit has a great deal of experience in managing such a project.

Retained combined search & selection

This involves concurrently conducting a search and placing an advertisement with the view of maximizing the shortlist quality. This is relevant when the set of skills required may come from two different pools of talent. It is made possible by PureAudit consultants' knowledge of their sectors and their ability to efficiently highlight the right target candidates. The process is the same as for the two other retained solutions described above.


Contract and Interim recruitment

The reasons for utilizing a contract or interim level resource are broad and range from long term sickness or for maternity cover, through to supporting the organization through a period of change, restrictions to permanent recruitment or consultancy services such as leading the implementation of a new audit system.

Whatever the rationale, PureAudit ensures the same attention to detail for the recruitment process of a contract or interim as you would expect from permanent recruitment including a full candidate screening process (which can involve competency based interviewing for senior or specialist key positions); candidate referencing; full short listing and notes if applicable.

Our relationships with candidates are paramount and we source individuals via extensive advertising using the relevant media and internet resources with a significant percentage of referrals coming from existing clients and candidates.

PureAudit operates a fully comprehensive payroll service to our candidates - usually based on hourly or daily pay rates - thus taking the additional administrative burden away from our clients whilst providing a specialist and experienced payroll resource to our contract workers. PureAudit is able to accommodate individuals working via a Limited Company or on a PAYEE basis.

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