We guarantee that--

  • we will advise clients of any potential conflicts of interest before undertaking a search assignment;
  • we will accept contracts only where the client's requirements are well defined and understood;
  • we will ensure confidentiality of client information, plans and intellectual assets;
  • we will recommend only suitable candidates who have been interviewed and assessed carefully, and who are judged to meet the requirements of the position description and candidate profile;
  • We will not solicit applications from candidates we have placed in the previous one year.

Our Responsibilities to the Candidates

We guarantee that--

  • we will treat all applicants, whether solicited or unsolicited, with courtesy and respect;
  • we will ensure prompt, regular and complete communication with candidates throughout the search process and will advise them in a timely and constructive manner when they are no longer under consideration;
  • we will ensure that only qualified professionals will interpret any assessments that may be conducted, and relevant feedback will be given to the candidate;
  • we will restrict all personal information, including assessments, to the client;
  • we will not contact references without the candidate's permission.

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