Our Corporate Clients:

View their audit departments as a training ground for their future leaders

Are progressive companies that have "value added" audit departments and view their audit function as part of the bottom line, not as an expense

Value the work of their auditors and actually implement the recommendations and solutions that their auditors present

Stimulate their auditors by offering challenging assignments

Care about the quality of life of their auditors

Monitoring changes gives us a critical safety mechanism, just like a rock climber with a ratchet. The ratchet allows the rope to move in one direction, preventing the climber from falling. Monitoring change to enforce the process prevents your organization from sliding back into a state of uncontrolled change.

"It is not that we don't make mistakes anymore, but we have become more scientific in our approach to mistakes. Mistakes are seen more as learning experiences and the mistakes have become fewer and farther between. The processes and detective controls have helped us realize many of our goals in the pursuit of world-class IT management." PureAudit can search for the proper audit match to achieve your objectives.


Nobody knows the employment marketplace better than a professional recruiter does. PureAudit is your choice.

In-house human-resource executives, no matter how effective, view the marketplace through an imperfect prism, and for them, tunnel vision is an occupational hazard.

Just as physicians are cautioned against treating members of their own families, so too is it folly for in-house HR professionals to believe that they have an undistorted and unbiased picture of the employment landscape. They are vulnerable to the pressures of internal politics and cultural dimensions that do not hinder the outsider.

Street-smart. PureAudit already know the neighborhood, including the unlisted addresses so often overlooked by the HR insiders.

Wider nets. A professional fisherman always will catch a bigger, better fish than a weekend angler. PureAudit consultants are in the marketplace day in and day out. They know the unfished coves, reefs, and inlets that are unknown to others. The job-hunter bookshelves are filled with lore about the "hidden job market." PureAudit have a detailed roadmap to the hidden talent sources that HR pros cannot access through newspaper ads, alumni associations, applicant databases, the Internet, or any other more familiar sources of candidates.

Cost. Employers have the misconception that the cost of a hire equals the cost of the ads run to attract the new staffer. Try adding these to the true cost, and you will see just how cost effective hiring PureAudit being specialist in executive search company can be. Companies rarely calculate the true metrics of a hire.

Third party input. Contrary to what some believe, Executive search companies do not try to put square employees into round jobs. A recruiter's stock-in-trade is his or her integrity and reputation for finding someone better than a company could have found by itself.

For a midlevel to senior executive, the average recruiter may develop a "long list" of a hundred or more possibilities. Each must be called and evaluated against the position specifications as well as for a personality "fit" with the company and prospective co-workers. Once this starting group is winnowed to the "short list," the executive search company conducts even more intensive interviews to develop a panel of finalists for the client's review.

This process is not, as some believe, simply romping through file cabinets, job boards or announcing the job opening to the recruiter's network with crossed fingers that someone good will show up.

Confidentiality. Advertising or otherwise publicly proclaiming an opening, aside from its cost and demonstrated ineffectiveness for filling sensitive senior-level openings, often creates anxiety and apprehension among current employees who wonder why they are not being considered or worry about transition problems. Just as often, it alerts competitors to a weakness or void within the company.

Speed. The recruiting process is always faster through a search professional acquainted with the marketplace than one starting the process from scratch. For every day that a key opening remains unfilled, a company's other employees must grudgingly do double duty. Moreover, this does not account for the lost profit opportunities or competitive advantages because a position remains unfilled or is being done part time by less qualified staffers.

Post-hire downtime. Not only is speed an essential part of the professional recruiter's process, the ability to locate a person who can immediately "hit the ground running" with a minimum of "ramp-up time" saves time after the hire. All too often, a hire selected through less effective sources, offering a smaller talent pool, requires several months of expensive training and orientation.

Reality checks. It is the duty of professional recruiters to inform clients that they may be mistaken about the type of candidate sought, the salary required to attract them or the possibility that the solution might lie in areas outside traditional target industries. An internal recruiter may not do this. Too many hiring managers do not understand that a professional recruiter's primary function is not necessarily to fill a slot but to find a candidate who can solve a problem.

Negotiation. By serving as a buffer and informed intermediary, the professional recruiter can help both parties to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement without being stuck at polarizing roadblocks that too frequently develop in face-to-face dealings.

Company priorities. I am often amazed at how a company will squander its revenues on nonproductive perks for existing high-level employees while penny-pinching on its lifeblood: talent acquisition.

 PureAudit is the global recruitment specialist in audit.

We only mediate in audit so this is our specialty.

PureAudit is the only audit executive search you need.


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